The Company

For the past 3 years, ECOLOGY company, located in GESSATE - MI, upper Italy has been a competent partner for companies that take environmental protection seriously.

ECOLOGY dedusting and pollutant sorption systems have proven themselves around the world in the bulk material handling working, particle and fiber board industries; the metallurgical industry; foundries; the cement, lime and gypsum industries; nonferrous, light alloy and heavy metal production and the nonmetallic mineral and chemical industries.

An extensive range of services such as system planning, engineering, installation, initial operation, system service and emission measurements all increase the quality and safety of ECOLOGY products.


Plant Systems

ECOLOGY systems and devices for dedusting and pollutant sorption have proven themselves around the world in various applications:
underground storage tank, UST, removal, closure, installation, retrofitting, lining, cathodic protection, sacrificial anodes, updating, waste oil, residential, heating oil, kerosene, diesel, automotive gasoline, gasoline, petroleum, bulk storage, aboveground storage tank, AST, tank farm, benzene, xylene, toluene, BTEX, subsurface, evaluation, inspection, contamination, soil, groundwater, air, point source, Title X, lead, lead based paint, risk assessment, lead inspection, HUD, wetland, wetlands, wetland delineation, hydrophytic, vegetation, hydric, soils, geomorphic, indicators, health and safety, occupational health, hazardous, hazardous materials, hazardous waste site, hazcom, hazards communications, CFR, OSHA, EPA, PADEP, NJDEP, DNREC, NYDEQ, MDE, CTDEP, RIDEP, MADEP, STM, RCRA, RCRIS, CERCLA, CERCLIS, FIFRA, TSCA, SARA, real estate, realtors, banking, banking institutions, insurance, due diligence, property transfer, phase one, environmental site assessment, phase 1, transportation and disposal, transportation, disposal, PCB, transformer, hauling, trucking, landfill, incinerator, disposal facility, DOT, hazwoper, NFPA, MSHA, consulting, environmental consulting, PK-5, act two, act 2, brownfield, brownfields, redevelopment, phytoremediation, in-situ, air sparging, SPCC, spill response, spillcontrol and countermeasure plan, spill management, UST management, soilventing system, SVE, pilot testing, passive remediation systems, commercial, industrial, tier two reporting, title three, title 3, title III, asbestos, friable, asbestos inspection, mine reclamation, construction, operation and maintenance, disposal, PPE, PPE&C, safety, green, green business, PAH, CLU-IN, DOD, DOE, FFID, HRS, LUST, BUST, NPL, O&M, RI/RA, POL, RA, RD, RFA, RFI, RI/FS, NFRAP, NFA, TSD, dredge, landfill management, dredge stabilization, ash disposal, waste exchange, virgin waste exchange, GAC, granulated activated carbon, granular activated carbon, frac tanks, , excavation, delineation, reassessment, backfill, drum, pit, berm, swale, drainage, aquifer, boring, monitoring well, soil boring, test pit, stack, air quality, water quality, scrubber, ESP, electrostatic precipitator, PID, photoionization detector, volatile, semivolatile, VOC, SVOC, mineral spirits, CIH, certified industrial hygenist, CSP, certified safety professional, certified, licensed, bonded, insured, PPMA

Metal Industry
• Steel production
• Non-Ferrous, light alloy- and heavy metal production
• Foundries, re-smelting installations
• Metal working and -processing
Wood Processing
• Wood working and -processing
• Paper- and printing industry
Pit and Quarry Industry
• Cement-, limestone- and gypsum industry
• Production of building materials, sand- and gravelwork
Fluegas Cleaning
• Boiler dust removals
• Waste incineration plants
• Pollution gas sorption installations